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Is Blind A Good Skateboard Brand? All You Need To Know Before Buying

Brand ‘Blind’ is a popular name in skateboard market today. The brand is known for its low price with high quality performance. They’re also focused on style, that’s why their board looks fantastic too.

If you want to buy a Blind Skateboard but are not sure if it is a good option or not, then this article is for you to help. We will discuss all
about blind brands, products they produce and is blind a good skateboard brand or not.

Just read out the article to get the answer to your question- is blind a good skateboard brand? Let’s dig deep without further ado.

History of Blind Skateboards:
How did Blind Skateboards start?
Mark Gonzales is the founder of the Blind Skateboards in 1989. Steve Rocco’s World Industries distribution company had the proprietorship of this brand at that time.

There were two leading skateboard brands in the late 80s named Powell Peralta and Vision Skateboards. At that time, Mark Gonzales was in the Vision brand. He left Vision and started Blind. By the early 90s, Blind started becoming a leading skateboard brand and then the largest skateboard brand in the world.

Although Gonzales created the company, he left it. Now, Blind is under the ownership of Dwindle Distribution. This company has some other reputable brands like Almost skateboards, Enjoi, Tensor trucks, etc.
What’s the Secret Behind Blind Skateboard’s Success?

Being a newcomer to the skateboard industry, how Blind take on the companies like Powell and Vision?

Earlier in the ’80s, the market was too tough for smaller companies to stay on. It was a common thing that larger companies used to criticize smaller companies subtly or directly.

Mark Gonzales named “Blind” moving on from Vision skateboard as a response to the criticism and jokes thrown at smaller companies.

Even Blind designed their decks as a recreation of Powell skateboards. It is to clarify that, the different approaches of Blind like fighting against the leading brands played a vital role in its popularity. Another big reason was, many skateboarders began to dislike larger companies at that time.

In the end, the professional skaters’ team of Blind started growing up. And Blind came to be one of the most famous skateboard companies of the 90s.
How Reliable is Blind? Do skateboarders like Blind Brand?

In a word, Blind has earned reliability, trust, and support from skaters. Having a strong professional skaters’ team, Blind could achieve reliability.

Overall, it’s a well-renowned and respected brand in the skateboard industry offering high-quality products. And, the decks of this skateboard are very durable. To name some of the strong pro skater’s:

  • Jordan Maxham
  • TJ Rogers
  • Cody McEntire
  • Kevin Romar
  • Micky Papa

Blind’s Instagram page comes with more than 400K followers. Although the brand shows combatively less marketing and aggressiveness in comparison to the 90s, still, it’s a cherishable brand. That’s why most skateboarders love Blind today.
Manufacturing of Blind Skateboards:
Are Blind decks good?

Dwindle has been very well-known for its high-performativity of the decks. It comes with individually pressing decks that time ensures top-quality products. Blind provides long-lasting, durable skates and skaters can enjoy the exciting pop while performing.
Specialty of Blind Skateboards:
Why Blind is different from other skateboard brands?

As mentioned, Blind offers long-lasting skateboards. It comes with thicker decks. Unlike most skates offering 7-ply, most Blind skateboards provide 8-ply that makes them more robust than most skateboards. Yet, Blind’s Youth and resin decks 7-ply boards which are made for kids.

However, this board is a bit rigid with a bit of extra weight, but it made the skateboard to be more shock absorbent. Another important feature is, Blind skateboard has a more mellow concave which lets you stand on the board for long with comfort.
Review of 3 good skateboards by Blind Skateboards:
Blind Skateboards Mark Gonzales Old School deck

Blind Skateboards Mark Gonzales Old School deck is a limited edition of the pro model of Mark Gonzales. This board is built with maple including 8 plys. Coming with screen-printed graphics, it provides a larger size and shape in comparison to traditional boards. But as it’s larger, it won’t be a good option for flip tricks. In short, this skateboard will let you enjoy a smooth, stable ride and suits most for cruising, vert, and pool.
Blind Skateboards Reaper Dagger Complete

This board has 7.75 inches in width and 31.2 inches in length with maple including 7 plys. As it has a smaller width, it is more suitable for younger riders. It provides some features like Slant trucks, 52mm wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape. In short, this skateboard has pretty decent stuff to help you ride firmly. Its Slant trucks are suitable for beginners to ride comfortably.

Blind Skateboards Premium Complete

Blind skateboards Premium complete is a bit wider than the previous board – Reaper Dagger. This one can be a better pick for older beginners. Besides, coming with 7plys, this board is built for lighter/younger riders. In addition, as you can turn it easily, it has softer bushings. This skateboard also offers components like 92a, 52mm tall wheels, and tensor trucks.

We would recommend this board as the best blind skateboard on our list. You are going to get a high-quality skateboard for $100.

Final Verdict

After reading this article, hopefully, your confusion- is blind a good skateboard brand or not melts away. You should now be able to choose and buy a Blind Skateboard as per your requirement.

If you have anything to know, please feel free to contact us.
Meta Description: Just read out the whole article to get an honest review of Blind skateboards and by this your question- is blind a good skateboard brand will be answered.

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