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Penny board Vs Skateboard – Which One Is Better?

Skateboarding is a recreational form of popular sport. You must need a skateboard to start the adrenaline activity. Then notice that many types of skateboards are available in the market. Most of the skateboard or penny board looks similar and confuses you.

What’s the difference between a skateboard and a penny board? Which one is better for you?

If you’re searching for the questions, you’ll find the answers. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about penny board vs skateboard.
Let’s dig deep without further ado.
What Is A Penny Board?

“Penny Board” is a lightweight, small and compact skateboard. It’s initially produced by a brand called Penny. Ben Mackay founded the board in Australia, 2010.

Penny boards come with a wide range of colors. It has on average 22-inch length and 4 pounds of weight. The board has size options, so you can select the penny board that suits you.

Penny board is lighter than traditional as it is built with plastic material. You can replace any part of the board very easily.
What Are The Parts Of A Penny Board?

Similar to the skateboard, the penny board contains different parts. The difference is it’s built with different materials. Here are the major parts of a penny board:

  • Deck: The part that attracts you most at first glance is its plastic deck. As we say, the deck of a penny board is plastic. The plastic deck is durable, flexible, and also shock absorbent.
  • Wheel: Penny board has four wheels just like a skateboard. The penny wheels are made of polyurethane with a plastic core. That makes it more durable than the traditional one.
  • Truck: Trucks connect the penny wheels and bearings to its deck. It’s only part of the penny board that wasn’t plastic. Mostly, cast aluminum trucks come with the penny board. Again, it has two parts, the hanger, and the baseplate.
  • Grip Tape: In general, grip tape is for the 22-inch to 27-inch long penny board. It makes your ride more secure and comfortable. Similar to the other part of the board, it comes with designs and colors.

Pros and Cons of Penny Boards

Now it’s time to pinpoint the pros and cons.

First, we’ll discuss everything about the advantages of penny boards. What are penny boards good for? Here’s are the pros of penny boards:

Small in Size, Lighter in Weight.

Smaller size and lightweight makes the penny board perfect for traveling. You can carry it within your backpack.

Made to Last Long Material.

Penny board is built-in high-quality plastic materials. It’s waterproof, weather, and heat resistant.

Quality is Top, But Price is Bottom.

The inexpensive price is another pro of a penny board. Most of the penny boards cost next to nothing.

Stable Ride At High Speed.

Penny board is more stable at high speed due to its trucks and wheels. It gives you a smooth riding experience on a rough road. If you’re worried about the speed, just try a penny board.

Bigger Wheel Means Big Benefit.

The wheels of a penny board are bigger than the traditional skateboard. It’s easy to handle and best for beginners. If you’re a newbie, then you can go for a penny board with confidence.

Penny boards have lots of benefits but drawbacks too. Well, now we count on the cons of penny boards. Why is a penny board bad? The disadvantages of penny boards are-

Less Space. Limited Tricks. Lower Balance Control. That’s it.

After discussing everything about the penny board, let’s dive into the skateboard. Keep reading to know penny board vs skateboard and which one is for you.
What Is A Skateboard?

Skateboard is the parent of all boards as longboard, penny board, etc. Over the course of decades, skateboarding changed into many forms. Still, the standard one is the most popular among them.

The size of a skateboard is between 28-32 inch length. Maple deck, PU wheels, steel bearings, all made the skateboard last long. Skateboards are heavier because plastic is lighter than wood. They also have more space than the penny boards.
What Are the Parts of a Skateboard?

Like any other board, a skateboard is a combination of various components. The parts of the skateboard are similar to the penny board. These are:

  • Deck: The deck is the primary part of the skateboard. It’s a place where the rider can stand on and go for a ride. Usually, skateboard decks are longer than the penny board. Maple is the most commonly used material for the deck.
  • Wheel: The wheels are the second important part of a skateboard. It works as the medium between the road and the rider. Skateboard wheels have different sizes and hardness. Polyurethane is the most popular material for all wheels.
  • Bearing: Bearings are added along with the wheels so that it can rotate properly. Steel is the most popular material for skateboard bearings. ABEC scale is the rating system for industrial bearings.
  • Truck: Trucks of a skateboard are considered as the souls of the board. Skateboard trucks hold the wheels and bearings to the deck. Baseplate, hanger, axle, bushings, all are part of skateboard trucks.

Pros and Cons of Skateboards

What’s the benefits of having a skateboard? There are the advantages of skateboards over penny boards.

More Wider Means More Stabler.

Skateboard is wider, which means it’s more stable than a narrow board. The board has a large amount of space due to its size.

Do Different Kind of Tricks.

Standard skateboard can do all kinds of tricks. Many of these advanced tricks are tough on the penny boards.

Better Balance & Greater Control.

Skateboard offers better balance and control than the narrow board. Novices can learn how to control the board very easily.

Beginner Belong Beside Professional.

Skateboarding doesn’t require large amounts of skill. That’s why newbie to expert, both get benefits of using skateboards.

Selling on Budget-friendly Prices.

There are a large number of skateboards that come on the market every year. They have a wide price tag, from low to high budget.

Disadvantages of Skateboards

Along with the benefits, there are some disadvantages of skateboards. That nothing is a big issue but you need to know them. The major drawbacks of skateboard are:

Larger. Heavier. Less Portable Than Penny boards.
Penny Board Vs Skateboard | Comparison

What is the difference between a penny board and a skateboard? The answer to the question is here:


Deck is the key player when it comes to skateboarding or penny board. Plastic deck is lightweight and flexible.

On the other hand, most skateboards have maple-made decks. Multiply maple is durable but heavier than plastic.


Skateboards have smaller and harder wheels than penny boards. Those wheels work well for doing pro tricks. In contrast, penny wheels are wider and softer, and also have a plastic core in them.


Most of the penny manufacturers don’t focus on quality bearings. That’s why the bearings aren’t as strong as skateboards.

On the other hand, the skateboard has high-quality stainless steel bearings.


Cast aluminum trucks go with the penny boards. On the other hand, skateboards have steel, alloy, even nylon trucks.

The penny board and skateboard both have a hanger and the baseplate.


Stability is an additional difference between a skateboard and a penny board. Skateboards are sure a winner for stability compared to penny boards.


In comparison to price, a penny board is inexpensive than a skateboard. It is obvious that metal or wood cost more than plastic.
Skateboard or Penny Board – Which One Is Better?

So, penny board vs skateboard which one to choose? Is a penny board better than a skateboard? The answer to the question is varying from person to person.

Mostly, depending on your age, skills, and purpose on the board. Skateboarding is for more professional those trying to do tricks.
If you’re a newbie and want to learn skating, then you can start with a penny board. It’s best for beginners and an accessory to the backpack.

So, which one to choose? Always consider your riding skill and purpose before taking a final decision. After all, you don’t buy a board to keep it untouched forever.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easier to ride a skateboard or Penny board?

Answer: Are penny boards easier than skateboards? Yes, the penny board is easier to ride for most riders. But, it’s not good for learning advanced tricks.

Are penny boards safer than skateboards?

Answer: Safety is always a serious issue for all of the riders. Skateboards are good for smooth cruising, carving, and doing tricks. The board will be a smart selection to do tricks smoothly.
Final Thoughts

Above all, we discussed penny board vs skateboard in-depth. We made a complete comparison between the skateboard and penny board. Finally, after reading the article, you’ll make your buying decision on your own. Happy Riding!

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Penny board vs skateboard, which should go for you? How do two boards compare? Let’s discuss all the differences, pros, and cons, etc.

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