The Best Beginner Skateboard for Kids

Every child deserves to be able to do whatever they put their mind to, including skateboarding! If you want your kid’s first experience with this exciting sport in style, we’ve got just what will work. Our beginner board features a durable design made from high-quality materials, which makes it one of many proud owners who can ride away feeling like pro riders every time because our gear is built tough enough so even when things get bumpy or rough out there on the real deal – nothing gets through them thanksgiving.

Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete | Canadian Maple Wood Deck w/ 5.5 Inch Aluminum Alloy Trucks for Commuting, Cruising, Carving & Downhill Riding

This is the best beginner skateboard for kids because it comes with a Canadian maple wood deck that is durable and of high quality. The trucks are made of aluminum alloy, making them lightweight and withstand bumps and rough riding. The bearings are precision speed bearings that can handle high speeds. This skateboard also comes with soft PU wheels and provides a good grip. The deck is concave, which gives the rider more control over the board.

These ABEC-7 precision chrome bearings come equipped with rubber dust covers that help to protect against dirt and grime while making them easy for you clean. Plus, they make a perfect gift too! The high rebound polyurethane wheels provide an amazing roll and grip on any surface, no matter how steep or slippery. The moderate concave of this board makes for great control while learning new tricks, perfect if you want to take your riding skills up a notch! The perfect gift for any budding pro, this skateboard is available in various designs to suit your unique style. Your board will be delivered fully assembled and ready for riding right out of the box!


  1. Durable design made from high-quality materials
  2. Lightweight trucks made of aluminum alloy
  3. Precision speed bearings able to handle high speeds
  4. Soft PU wheels with great grip
  5. The concave deck gives the rider more control


  1. None

Maketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners

Maketec’s new Mini Cruiser skateboard is perfect for kids getting started with their first board. The low center of gravity ensures that it will be easy to control. At the same time, the durable construction means this won’t break easily or slow them down as they learn how to ride!

With a low center of gravity and durable construction, this board will help them learn quickly and easily! Meketec Unusual skateboard appearance outperforms many leading brands and high-cost performance price. Who doesn’t want to take their learning ride on the park, school, and road with ease? This is a perfect gift for kids girls who are beginners. This well-built skateboard is safe to ride and suitable for any level of rider, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider. The lightweight composite construction makes it easy enough even if your skills are lacking!


  1. Low center of gravity makes it easy to control
  2. Durable construction means it won’t break easily
  3. Suitable for any level of rider, from beginner to experienced
  4. Lightweight composite construction makes it easy to control even if your skills are lacking!


  1. Some parents might not like the unusual appearance of the Meketec skateboard.

ReDo Skateboard Scarface Cat Complete Skateboard for Boys, Girls, Kids Teens

The ReDo skateboard is the perfect gift for any kid who loves to cruise around town and show off their new find. It features a durable, lightweight build with tech measurements that are sure to hold them steady and help increase stability as well! Popsicle boards are often the choice of more experienced riders because they offer stability and control, but that doesn’t mean these decks can’t be enjoyed by beginners too. With our 7ply thin hard maple construction, you get all the responsiveness without risk! This wheel’s wider shape ensures maximum control while cornering, thanks to its smooth rolling capabilities and tight turning radius.

This is the perfect combo when you need to get your ride back up on its wheels. The Superfast ReDo Abec 5 speed bearings will have any dirt-jumpin’ with ease while a tough yet lightweight steel axle ensures long-term stability and performance in all kinds of terrain! The 52MM 95A soft urethane wheels provide a smooth ride and durable grip. These bushings will make your board turn easier and help you stay more stable during those turns!


  1. Lightweight build
  2. Increased stability
  3. Durable construction
  4. Smooth ride
  5. Tight turning radius
  6. Easy to control
  7. 95A soft urethane bushings


  1. It doesn’t come with grip tape; however, it’s easy to apply and shouldn’t be a deal-breaker!

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate Boards, 8.8 x 27.7-Inch

The Land Shark Rasta Skate is a great beginner skateboard for kids. It has a wide, stable deck that is perfect for learning how to ride. The Land Shark also comes with soft wheels that make it easy to cruise. If your child is ready to learn how to skate, the Land Shark Rasta Skate is the perfect board for them. The best way to have fun and stay in shape is with a skateboard. The 8’8″ by 27” flat deck makes it easy for you, while the Cruzer concave design helps keep your balance when riding!

Step up your truck game with these high-quality parts. The anodized aluminum finish will keep you looking good, while the ABEC 5 bearings ensure that nothing slows down performance when it’s time to hit backslide or perform tricks! Road riders will be able to take on any terrain with the help of these 78A rated tires. With a 65mm diameter, they’re large enough for even your biggest bike and provide great traction when things get rough! You don’t have to worry about getting a stubborn bottle opener in your deck. The clear spray-on grip makes it easy and fun for anyone, even kids!


  1. The skateboard is wide and stable, making it perfect for beginners.
  2. The soft wheels make it easy to ride and cruise around on.
  3. The anodized aluminum finish looks great and will last long.
  4. The ABEC 5 bearings ensure a smooth ride.
  5. The 78A rated tires are great for any terrain.
  6. The clear spray-on grip is easy to use and great for kids.


  1. None! The Land Shark Rasta Skate is the perfect beginner skateboard for kids. It is durable, has high-quality parts, and is easy to ride.