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Rollerblade Vs Skateboard – Which One Is Better?

Rollerblade and skateboard both are popular sports nowadays. Some riders were confused to find out the rollerblade vs skateboard. Don’t worry!

To let you free from confusion, we’ll talk over the difference between these two in this article. Let’s come to the points within further ado.

What Is A Rollerblade?

History of rollerblades is very interesting. Two hockey players, Scott and Brennan Olsen take ideas from Inline skates.

Then they improved it and invented the rollerblade in 1980. Over time, the roller Blade became more popular with many manufacturers. Today’s rollerblade has nearly 200 patents and 100+ trademarks.

Rollerblades typically have 4-5 wheels in a single line. It also has rubber brakes attached to the back. Once you realize the board, it keeps you active.

Pros and Cons of Rollerblade

Below, we’ll discuss everything about the advantages of rollerblades. What are rollerblade good for? Here’s are the pros of rollerblade:
Pros of Rollerblade

  • Rollerblade moves in the same direction as the rider. Suitable for riders of all ages, from kids to adults.
  • Has brakes, that’s way less chance of injuries. You can also stop it properly on any bumpy surface.

Well, now we focus on the cons of rollerblades.

  • The disadvantage of rollerblade is- Rollerblade isn’t good for doing tricks.

After informing about the rollerblade, let’s discuss the skateboard. Keep reading to know rollerblade vs skateboard which one is better for you.
What Is A Skateboard?

Skateboarding is quite different from rollerblading. It has a long deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings. Farther time, the board is used for popular forms of sports.

The length of the board is somewhere between 28 to 32 inches. Maple is the most popular material for skateboard decks. Besides, polyurethane wheels, aluminum trucks, all made the board last longer.
Pros and Cons of Skateboards

  • The benefits of skateboard over rollerblade are:
  • A skateboard is suitable for doing different types of tricks. Many of them are impossible on the rollerblade.
  • Skateboarding doesn’t need the amount of skill or expertise. That’s why all riders get advantage of skateboards.

Well, now the disadvantages of skateboard is-

  • Although it’s not a big deal, you have to know them. The flaws of skateboarding are heavier & less portable than the rollerblade.

Rollerblade Vs Skateboard | Telling The Difference

People confuse the two as they’ve some similarities between them. You can get doubtful about the two boards.

That’s why we’ll discuss the differences between the skateboard and rollerblade. Just keep reading to find out which one is better for you.

The Wheels: Wheels work on the medium between the road and the rider. The rollerblade has 4-5 wheels in a single line. On the other hand, the skateboard has 4 wheels on two sides. Both wheels come in different sizes, shapes, and are made of polyurethane materials.

Riding Technique: There are some major differences in the riding technique. For skateboarding, you have to take one of your feet on the board and have to bend or wrench your foot to do an activity. So, if you want to move forward, then you have to pressurize with another foot with an adjustable motion.

Otherwise, to run a rollerblade, you have to go to a flat surface to keep both of your legs on it and to move it.

In that case, we have to say that riding a rollerblade is easier than skateboarding.

Safety: Rollerblade and skateboard, both are the two most popular ways of skating. Still, safety is always a concern to the rider. The number of skateboard accidents is higher than rollerblading.

Well, we can declare that rollerblading is much safer than skateboarding. So, you can count this one as another significant difference.

Easiness: One of the questions asked – skateboard or roller skates which is easier? To be fair, riding on a rollerblade is easier than riding a skateboard.

Because, skateboarding has different techniques, stability, and a lot of exercise. That’s why you have to face difficulties to control a skateboard.

Otherwise, the shape of the rollerblade is adjustable and has easy-to-ride features. It’s easy for the beginner who rides the board.

Muscle Development: Skateboard requires only the legs from your whole body. But, your full body muscle will work well at the time of rollerblading.

The rollerblade is far better for muscle development than the skateboard. Yes, if you aren’t able to move your whole body then rollerblade isn’t for you.

Calories Burns: Skateboarding and rollerblading both are good forms of exercise. The skateboarders can burn up to 350-575 calories every hour.

Rollerblading is a better exercise for burning calories than skateboarding. You can easily burn up to 573-1069 calories per hour with a rollerblade.

Above all, we discussed in-depth all about the rollerblade vs skateboard.
Our hope is, now you can understand
these two and pick a single one to ride. Happy Riding!
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Rollerblade vs skateboard both seem similar for some riders. That’s why we will discuss the difference between the skateboard and rollerblade.

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